out beyond the ideas of right and wrong doing there is a field.  I’ll meet you there


Janey’s life adventure has seen her as:

lawyer, art dealer, adventurer, soldier, bar maid, explorer, life model, presenter, endurance athlete, estate agent and Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society…

A broken back cultivated a new outlook and an insatiable desire to learn, explore beyond limits, break from convention and at the heart of everything raise awareness for our wounded veterans.

A curious optimist who struggles to sit still and is forever plotting and planning the next challenge, trip or venture usually with Sid the Whippet and Winston the Jug at the heel.

Ears always close to the ground and eyes wide open ready to grasp the next opportunity. Intrigued by everybody and everything, their aspirations, inspirations, fears, strengths and quirks. Happening upon the mundane and unusual; landscapes and lives.

Not afraid to inquire, hopefully inspire and encourage people to go beyond.

Content in the solitude of the field.



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