out beyond the ideas of right and wrong doing there is a field.  I’ll meet you there


Growing up Janey spent the majority of time in wellies and a wax jacket covered in mud. When she wasn’t scooting round the fields bareback on her little Dartmoor pony she was playing in the woods with her brother and her dog.

She spent several childhood years in the bright lights of Las Vegas.

Long summers were spent sneaking out while the folks were in bed. Exploring the desert and what the city had to offer.  The only parental input required was a car for trips to the Rockies, Lake Mead and to hone her horse riding skills with the help of George, the strict Hungarian Cavalryman.

Swapping Geography degrees at the University of Exeter as a result of a more desirable field trip to the outback of New Zealand was a sign of things to come.

Janey’s heart lies in the military where she spent four fulfilling years as a soldier with the Honourable Artillery Company. In an unfortunate twist of fate she suffered a serious back injury while training for a military horse race, the Royal Artillery Gold Cup.

This halted her plans of joining the Army Legal Service as an Officer. Now a qualified lawyer but unable to fulfil her ambition in military law she embarked on a new business venture; a travelling art gallery, which flowed naturally into life modelling, presenting, running a bar and starting a jazz night; amongst other things.

Overcoming this adversity nurtured her desire to constantly push boundaries. She has organised and participated in many long-distance endurance events in the UK for military charities.

Janey’s curiosity of people and places; her experiences; her insatiable thirst for learning and inability to stay still has led her to plan her biggest expedition yet.

With her unique knack of bringing people together, this expedition will be no exception. She will explore the female side of Oman with an all-female Anglo-Omani team. Together they will circumnavigate the country and attempt a first for female exploration; walking the length of Oman’s most formidable landscape, Rub’ Al Khali, The Empty Quarter.

She currently resides in rural SW France surrounded by dogs and horses. Space to plan and learn French and Arabic.

Content in the solitude of the field.



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