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mental health

At my tender age of 35 and with my mental health called to question. Only just beginning to grey, I have played and trialled more careers than I can easily recall. I have toyed at settling down to a ‘proper’ job, debated the idea of motherhood and fight an inside battle of convention vs me.

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So I got sacked…now what?


So I got sacked…now what?

Whether I got sacked, was forced to resign or whatever is a moot point. Having the benefit of a legal background the money (not mine) is on me. However, I was so discontent with the role that it made no difference to me. They did me a favour and it was a blessing.

I was waiting for one deal to go through and would have handed my notice in anyway. They knew that. So we agreed an amicable leaving package.

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#meetmeinthefield evolved after I had this verse…

out beyond the ideas of right and wrong doing there is a field. I will meet you there

…quoted to me by a friend when we were pushing several boundaries together. I didn’t realise five years ago that Rumi, a 13th century Persian poet, was to have an enduring impact on me.

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Sunflowers for Soldiers: a walk for the wounded and our armed forces

Sunflowers for Soldiers

‘Part of being optimistic is keeping one’s head pointed toward the sun, one’s feet moving forward.’

Nelson Mandela

Recession, shattered career plans and 5 fractured vertebrae later the bite of conscience grips its teeth into this aspiring Army lawyer and serving reserve soldier.

I was obsessed with the camaraderie and challenge of recruits course 062 and dressed head to toe in green I finally felt at home.  Dedicated and driven to achieve my future career choice as an Army Lawyer I was focused on playing my part in Afghanistan when I qualified.  

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High Moon Fan Dance: Special Forces for Civvies

It’s dark, foggy and uncharacteristically mild for January. There is a crowd surrounding the infamous red telephone box at the Storey Arms as they listen in to final orders. Everybody is champing at the bit to give the High Moon Fan Dance a crack. A night time endurance event of approximately 24km and following the route of one of the gruelling Special Forces selection tests.Continue reading →

Alan, WWII Veteran on Normandy Landings & Field Marshall Montgomery

It’s rather awe-inspiring when you meet and chat with a man who served in WWII on D-Day. Such a pivotal period in the history of our Country and the World.

Alan, a Veteran Royal Marine, service number Po/x119167, served from 8 April 1943 – 9 August 1946 was at the pub one evening when I was on my Sunflowers for Soldiers charity walk in 2015.

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Broken Back Pitfalls: how I ended up underneath a racehorse

Broken Back Pitfalls: how I ended up underneath a racehorse

Kintsukuroi (n) (v.phr)

‘to repair with gold’; the art of repairing pottery with gold or silver laquer and understanding the piece is more beautiful from having been broken.

Riding out on the gallops at Epsom Downs is the most exhilarating sensation I have ever experienced. What heroin must be to an addict.

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Broken Back Pitfalls: a shower is the greatest physical and mental challenge to date.


Broken Back Pitfalls: a shower is the greatest physical and mental challenge to date

Perched on a dark blue plastic chair with a broken back, five fractured and crushed vertebrae, held together by nuts and bolts. I sit frail, limp and bollock naked under the warm stream of water in a stark hospital wash room.  

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Endurance challenge: 90 miles non-stop with Royal Marines


They can because they think they can


Does 90 miles non-stop endurance challenge hurt?

Yes. As suspected, it was a rather painful endurance test. I would go as far to say, it is the second most challenging ‘thing’ I have yet been privy to. Although working in an office has to be up there too! 

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When the sun comes out so does the litter…

Expressing anger is a form of public littering

Dr Willard Gaylin

I would rather let Sid and Winston off when I go dog walking in the park every day of the year come rain or shine.

The parks are densely populated with all of your happy faces when the sun peaks out from behind the clouds. Picnicking, playing ball, rollerblading, eating ice cream, you get the idea.

dog walking

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