'where do i fit in?'

Creating a life that works

one step at a time



do you...


ever wonder where do i fit in? feel trapped in a life that wasn't meant for you? wonder how to break away and create something new? want to plan the adventure of a lifetime but don't know where to start? feel like a disappointment? want to make a film but think you're a nobody? don't know where to start with a website? think you're not good enough? 


...feel like the underdog?



i've felt it all


but i've learnt to combat those feelings through multiple trials and errors. consequently i have amassed a dynamic and specialised creative skill set to share. 

so whether you draw quietly from my experiences or engage with me on a project or idea, i hope that you can find something useful to relate to from your visit here. 

i champion the underdog. and if that underdog is you then I'm your cheerleader.



because i feel compelled to 


for three reasons:

1.it's a frustrating place to be when you know your capabilities and skills but you're not quite sure how to package them or what career to throw it in. so i have to throw it all into myself, help others along the way and keep learning from everyone i cross paths with. 

2.  sharing relieves me of the burdens that i create in my head. i bet the chances of others feeling this way is high and that's comforting to know you're not alone.  

3. this is the story of my life, my legacy. it's what i leave behind for the future after i'm gone that motivates me. 

Plan a life changing journey

don’t know where to begin…

I’ll share how I conceived, planned and delivered a multicultural 800km walk through the world’s largest sand desert, the empty quarter, on the arabian peninsula and made a film.

coming soon. 

get to know yourself

peeling back the layers – i explain how i did and do it. 

it’s beautifully messy and uncomfortable. 

coming soon.


it’s like building,  maintaining and furnishing a house. Takes the same amount of time, but lines your pockets instead of emptying them. 

coming soon

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