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The Diary of a Restless Soul

who I AM

'What do you actually do?'

It’s a question I’m asked a lot.

I do things I love, with people I like and love, in the creative and tech sphere. I’m insatiably curious about you. 

Fortunately the skills I have laser sharp focus in are very useful to people that don’t have:

  • time
  • equipment
  • inclination


to implement themselves. 


Web design, photography & film

This marriage of skills is a powerful combination in connecting with your audience.


I love to take the stage and share my dynamic experiences and take to the stage to deliver keynote talks on leadership, enjoying adversity, cultural difference and personal safety. 

Silk Accessories

A juxtaposition of the senses, thought and philosophy. I am bringing my silk designs to market in 2023.

Broken back, lost legal military career...

Parked on by a racehorse and five fractured vertebrae later; my life rendered purposeless, directionless and zero belonging.

The mission: for this restless soul to find purpose. 

I’ve led a somewhat unconventional life. The ‘things’ society deem important. I often don’t. Making choices with my heart lead to incredible learning and adventure. 

The consequences of those decisions and the circumstance of my life prompt much introspection and self-examination.  Arguably too much. 

It lead me to planing the greatest escape to the Arabian desert with a team of eastern and western strangers to deliver a message that we are ‘better together’ regardless of gender, culture or identity…

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