Men can do all things if they will

Leon Battista Alberti (1404–1472)

I considered my 2015 Sunflowers for Soldiers endurance challenge on the South West Coast Path with the equivalent climb of 4.5 Mt Everest’s would a feat of endurance. Truth be told, and a turn up for the books, it was a pleasure.  I needed something harder. 

Looking at the map I took the executive decision to walk 90 miles non-stop. A shorter more intense endurance challenge might give me whatever ‘it’ was that I was searching for.  I would do this for the Royal Marines Charity and this challenge had to shadow the intensity of training that these chaps undergo.

Therefore attempting a steady 90 miles in 36 hours which roughly equates to 30 hours walking at 3mph and 6 hours worth of admin, loo and refreshment stops. Factored in is also the odd navigational error and I suspect there will be a few.

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