life plan ‘you need to Get your shit together.’

janey mcgill leaning against a wall in a barbour jacket

life plan Not long ago I dated an English chap when I lived in France. We were nearly a country apart. I could see the Pyrenees from the ridge line where I lived and worked and he was in a quaint Alpine town. Spread the love

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Who Dares Wins – take the risk or never know?

janey mcgill and her friend rob

who dares wins The Major and I went to stay for a weekend at my old friend’s farm in mid Devon. One evening Rob and the Major were having a somewhat intriguing conversation. One of which I was unable to contribute too. Frustrated, my eyes opened to my own ignorance and narrow view of the […]

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Raped, Victim, Feminist; labels I hate, boxes I tick

janey mcgill leaning against a wall in black and white

Raped, victim and feminist; labels I hate, boxes I tick.  This is an uncomfortable read; it’s been an uncomfortable write.  Growing up I was conditioned to be private, to not burden others with problems or dramas; maybe to not even feel.  No bleating, no sob stories. After 37 years of getting to know myself I […]

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