No Regrets

Last week I bumped into one of the nurses at the Royal Trinity Hospice ‘Light up a Life’ carol service. He cared for Dad over his three month vacation earlier this year. We chatted. He was different. Not the chirpy character, with a soft Glaswegian accent, that knew how to handle Dad with wisdom and […]

magnanimous in victory

Pusillanimous, lack of courage or determination, the opposite of magnanimous.  It reminded me… Years ago a close friend was taking about magnanimity. I had no idea what the word meant. I hadn’t heard it before.  He shared with me an eve of battle speech by Colonel Tim Collins. The words echo through me. I revisit […]

My mistake…

My own mistakes were never really an option growing up. It was slightly odd, having swathes of freedom in many ways, but steered and guided heavily in others. Decisions that would protect me, set me up for the future in business or a career. They seemed to make sense at the time. I didn’t know […]

If you don’t ‘blend in.’ You’re out…

I would not have mounted my Arabian steed and seen some of the most breathtaking views of my life. I would not have experienced one of the seven modern wonders of the World by candlelight. I would not have had lunch with Qassim Al Amareen and his Bedouin family today at Little Petra if several people […]

Raped, Victim, Feminist; labels I hate, boxes I tick

janey mcgill leaning against a wall in black and white

Raped, victim and feminist; labels I hate, boxes I tick.  This is an uncomfortable read; it’s been an uncomfortable write.  Growing up I was conditioned to be private, to not burden others with problems or dramas; maybe to not even feel.  No bleating, no sob stories. After 37 years of getting to know myself I […]

Are you a Girl or Boy?

Working at a community event the other day in Manchester, on the wrong side of the tracks, I made a faux pas. It set my thoughts alight. One kid, about 12, caught my attention, pony tail to the waist, piercing blue, pained eyes, with stories to tell, they spoke. This kid was beautiful. ‘Right this […]

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