‘You’ll be hard pushed to make me cry…’

‘My Lady’ would set me homework as part of my CBT course. I explored my beliefs, values and rules, latterly guidelines, for living. This considered, she set me tasks to reframe and counter the negative thoughts I had towards myself. I love to write, she suggested I do more, about anything and everything, to satisfy […]

Finding potential beneath the layers

A year had passed after I began a course of Cognitive behavioural therapy… A soon to be boyfriend remarked that I had potential and perhaps I ought to seek help. It was buried underneath so many layers. Relationships had broken down, professional, personal and romantic, career plans in the military had come unstuck. Overwhelmed and […]

Exploring Opportunities with Metris Leadership

stairs at ibri fort in oman

Exploring Opportunities with Metris Leadership How do you write a credible LinkedIn profile when you are a jack of all trades? My ambition for a career in the Army Legal Service after qualifying as a lawyer was not fulfilled after a broken back. Not satisfied with my future sat behind a desk I changed path. […]


#meetmeinthefield evolved after I had this verse… out beyond the ideas of right and wrong doing there is a field. I will meet you there …quoted to me by a friend when we were pushing several boundaries together. I didn’t realise five years ago that Rumi, a 13th century Persian poet, was to have an enduring […]

High Moon Fan Dance: Special Forces for Civvies

It’s dark, foggy and uncharacteristically mild for January. There is a crowd surrounding the infamous red telephone box at the Storey Arms as they listen in to final orders. Everybody is champing at the bit to give the High Moon Fan Dance a crack. A night time endurance event of approximately 24km and following the […]

When the sun comes out so does the litter…

Expressing anger is a form of public littering Dr Willard Gaylin I would rather let Sid and Winston off when I go dog walking in the park every day of the year come rain or shine. The parks are densely populated with all of your happy faces when the sun peaks out from behind the clouds. […]

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