Comeback. Have a facelift and make one
comeback queen janey mcgill


I had an unintended writers break. I must've been happy or something...

keep going, keep going, keep going, keep going, keep going. Go. comeback.

comeback time

My website was rubbish. Built seven years ago it was well past it’s sell by date visually. Maybe, contextually too, depending where you sit. maybe still is. c’est la vie, mon vie, tu sais. mon comeback. i ended up a freelancer of sorts. story for another time. in order to build my empire i must get muddy and dig my foundations. i was good at shell scrapes in 2007.


First. Extend and alter my photography portfolio into an all singing all dancing e-commerce fine art lifestyle site. though the job never done, the learning never complete. My product list grows in tandem with knowledge. it’s thrilling for me, I feel like I’ve discovered my introverted, agrophoblic, keyboard warrior persona. only forced to take a break by visual oculars, headaches, photography clients and dogs that require a walk.

Time for an eye test I believe. Let’s find a solution so i don’t ever need to leave the sofa and my laptop. They say many a true word said in jest. I’ve never been more serious. perhaps webdesign is the replacement to booze, fags and coffee. Praise the lord this particular affliction is significantly beneficial. it might not ruin my skin and age me. i’ll degrade my eyesight instead so i can no longer see through the viewfinder of my camera. everthing has its price.


Second. Have a personal website face lift. A decent amount of content has accumulated over the last seven years. Publicly writing and journaling I found to be a wonderful tonic to a restless mind. And rather petrifying at times. Putting oneself ‘out there’ opens you up to scrutiny, judgment, ridicule and a knife through the heart. but one draws comfort that no-one else in the world is quite as accomplished at that as me to me. It goes without saying that with every negative there is always a positive. sharing serves to benefit many, sharing troubles, traumas, successes and triumphs, that people who otherwise would have felt alone, draw comfort from. 

fortunately In all that time I have only, on the odd occasion, received the latter. one of My favourites; an email from a 95 year old lady who fractured her back, she stumbled across my blogs of breaking my back. She reached out thanking me for giving her hope. We’re still in touch. All those challenging experiences and learnings become increasingly more worth while. 

and then of course there’s Guy and the witch doctor 🙂

new vigour

I digress. After this web facelift I felt a new vigour. the scars take a little longer to heal as I attend to some migratory blips and blemishes. time, a little patience, understanding and a push against my perfectionism is really all that’s required here. I realised I hadn’t written for well over eighteen months. now I don’t wish to scare anyone BUT… I might have been happy. yes. A love in my life that has two legs rather than four. and doesn’t cluck. a long overdue move out of London. and all expectations or demands from me disappeared with our freedoms. or did they. Who knows? But It happened. Writing, a saviour from my own misery since I started therapy in 2015. the last eighteen months haven’t been miserable for me. 

Call it coincidence, serendipity, idiocy, lunacy even, whatever you want. Now the World has opened up again (and with my facelift) I’m desperate to get out there again and spout my nihilist nonsense. From my sofa.

so that’s what I shall do. comeback to my little virtual corner of the Worldwideweb to share incessant ramblings.

comeback soon for latest updates and nonsense. pun intended.


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