When the sun comes out so does the litter…


Expressing anger is a form of public littering

Dr Willard Gaylin

I would rather let Sid and Winston off when I go dog walking in the park every day of the year come rain or shine.

The parks are densely populated with all of your happy faces when the sun peaks out from behind the clouds. Picnicking, playing ball, rollerblading, eating ice cream, you get the idea.

dog walking

On those days I choose to keep my dogs on the lead.  Avoiding the embarrassment of them ending up in your picnic and/or on your lap. I am not a miracle worker, they are well trained dogs but I cannot keep them from your sausage rolls. 

On that point, let us be honest. It is a minority of people who can happily pass a bowl of sweets, chips, crisps or nuts and not plunge ones hand deeply grabbing as many as possible. 

So, on measure, I cannot get angry for my dogs wanting to tuck into your hummus and pitta when I suffer so little self control myself. Perhaps I should be on a lead. 

Therefore, just or unjust, these fair weather picnickers ruin my dog walking and peaceful enjoyment of the park whenever the sun is shining. Or whenever it threatens to shine and the temperature rises above 15. 

dog walking

My complaint does not stop there. When you have finished your picnic on the several days of the year that the sunshines, you then leave your goddam rubbish where you had your sun loving rear laid down.  

Then on the less convivial days over the summer months the boys still remain on leads so they don’t eat your rancid leftovers, pick up your dirty napkins and chew on the leftover foil that litters our lovely green spaces.

I am not pointing the finger at every fair weather picnicker. As usual, and in all spheres of our lives, it is the inconsiderate minority that ruins it for the majority. 

Please bare this in mind next time you visit. Be considerate take your litter to a bin and leave the parks how you would like to find them.

My rant is now over and I shall swallow my angry litter and walk the dogs…on their leads.