Exploring Opportunities with Metris Leadership
stairs at ibri fort in oman


Exploring Opportunities with Metris Leadership

How do you write a credible LinkedIn profile when you are a jack of all trades?

My ambition for a career in the Army Legal Service after qualifying as a lawyer was not fulfilled after a broken back. Not satisfied with my future sat behind a desk I changed path. After 5 years I left my art consultancy business and drifted for several more years.

Unwilling to settle for my mediocre, I knocked on doors, tried different jobs and learnt new skills. All the while gaining valuable knowledge about myself, others and where and how I might or want to fit.

The sense of purpose from serving in the military, I was a reservist whilst studying, was difficult to replace. I was not finding it where I was looking and so I am creating it for myself.

After considerable thought I reached the conclusions that I was an, ‘explorer of opportunities.’ With my label now chosen I began publishing the odd article on my expedition to Oman in December this year.

A week or so later, I received a message, ‘I think we may have some opportunities that you might be interested in.’

I had only just settled into a job that I felt a modicum of contentment in and one where I could plan my expedition with few distractions. The job; caring for eight horses and a blind dog in a fairytale chateau in rural SW France. I was a little rattled to receive this message. It upset my apple cart. Though as an explorer of opportunities I am never closed to new ideas.

I carried out the relevant due diligence on this messenger, Dan Simmons. I discovered the company keep the same values as I do, we have people in common and his company’s blog discussed human qualities I give a lot of thought to and I drew comfort from them having a military background.

With the benefit of experience, increased self awareness and relying more upon my instincts I feel better placed to cherry pick what is relevant to me and my future ambitions and vision.  I knew before I even spoke with Dan that I wanted whatever opportunity was presented to me.

On this occasion, for various reasons, sadly the work in the Middle East did not come to fruition. I hope it remains in the back pocket for another time.

Until then I am absolutely delighted to say that Metris Leadership is a most welcome sponsor to my expedition at the end of the year. Oman: Her Faces of Change.

I look forward to nurturing our relationship; sharing my learnings and experiences of leadership and teamwork throughout this journey and taking forwards those lessons and helping others to reach and further their own potential.