As I side job I modelled for several artists and enjoyed where it was going; the people and the endurance of being frozen in a awkward positions for hours. I explored further, signed up for TV/Film extra work and scanned opportunities on the internet.

Stumbling across an advert for a presenter with the potential for ongoing work; I applied. It looked interesting and was only down the road on the A3. The Director gave me a call and asked if I had a show reel.  Of course I didn’t. What I did have was a short film of me mucking out a friends horse in pyjamas. Not interested in my amateur work he invited me for a screen test regardless at their studios in Godalming for Kenwood.

Arriving in the studio kitchen I over egged it to the camera, ‘it chops, grinds and crushes,’ and got the job. Apparently my face is globally inoffensive. I took this as a compliment.

The production team were great and better still Sid & Winston could come to work as well.