why letter writing should make a comeback
letter writing love conquers all lancaster bomber


a special letter from Jim Squires WWII Lancaster bomber rear gunner.

letter writing memory…

Imagine my joy when I received a letter this morning from Jim Squires, rear Gunner in the ‘Love Conquers All’ Lancaster Bomber during World War II.

We were supposed to be catching up this year after meeting at a Royal Marines Association Christmas dinner. Jim agreed to share some of his stories from the war with me. In return I attempted, in vain, to find a picture of his Lancaster.

Wondering how he was handling lockdown I picked up a pen and wrote to him. I had no luck finding an image so I sent an origami Bomber which I’d folded. I enquired how this lockdown compared to the war.

He told me that it was uncertain, never knowing what would happen next. The worst thing for the families; not knowing if sons or daughters would be called up; and if, or when, they would see them again. There was little means of communication back then, no telephones, television or internet.

The envelope contained another treat, an image of 50 Sqd and the ‘Love Conquers All’ Lancaster Bomber. Scribbled on the back, ‘50 Squadron, RAF Shellingthorpe, Lincoln, 26.6.1944.

janey mcgill with photographs and a hand written letter