Oman: Her Faces of change 'better together'

my greatest self inflicted challenge. leading a team of eastern and western men and women across the largest sand desert in the World, The Empty quarter. walking 758km’s through the desert for a month was the easy part. The leadership learning curve and the inner demons were the struggle. the lessons learnt from this experience, about myself, my team and how we fit together have been remarkable. 

Frontier risks Group
Oman presentation

a presentation and reflections on what happened in the desert. the reasons I decided to organise this expedition and what I learnt from it. A deep dive into the human condition. 

H-Hour podcast hosted by Hugh Kier

One of my fav chats with Hugh. We talk deserts, death, stress and sugar. 

‘Super interesting, brutally honest in parts, funny and with what seems like an indefatigable quest for doing good and self discovery. Looking forward to the Oman film and to see what you are planning next,’ Matt Timblin

Times of Oman interview for the empty quarter crossing

sunflowers for soldiers Royal Geographical society

My first public talk at the RGS london on my 36 day 630 mile walk around the South West Coast Path, uk, to honour the 616 soldiers who were seriously wounded in the Afghanistan campaign. 

Face of kenwood

for sometime i presented for kenwood kitchen appliances. what fun that was.