No Regrets


Last week I bumped into one of the nurses at the Royal Trinity Hospice ‘Light up a Life’ carol service. He cared for Dad over his three month vacation earlier this year. We chatted.

He was different. Not the chirpy character, with a soft Glaswegian accent, that knew how to handle Dad with wisdom and eloquence. Not the chap I would banter with and became very fond of.

No. That night his eyes overflowed with pain and suffering. Concerned, but with little to offer, I enquired as to his well being. ‘It’s a challenging time of year before Christmas,’ he explained. Many losses, more than simply physical.

One moment made my heart ache. He explained the nurses do what they can to fulfil their patient’s wishes. Help them with their bucket lists.

Sometimes though, they’re not able to help. ‘What do you do when a person tells you they’ve lived a life of regret and spent their life with a person they didn’t love. What do you do?’ he stressed.

Promise me you’ll live with no regret, have fun, get in debt, do all the things you want to do with the people you want to do it with.

A few minutes later, touched by his honesty and vulnerability, he quietly announced he was relieved he wasn’t there when Dad died. ‘I enjoyed caring for him to much.’

Promise you Charlie, these eyes have no regrets.