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vulnerable nude women climbing a tree


vulnerable Echos from the past into the present.

My friend Roxy prompted much discussion in my circle after sharing her post: can you desire a woman without objectifying her? Conclusions from friends were divided. I remain on the fence.

It led me to question who objectifies me: others or myself. Or both. Whether I love or loathe it. Whether I even care these days. It’s a rabbit Warren.

RIP @macnaughtonalistair you took some beautiful photos of me.


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  1. Hey Michael
    Thanks for the lovely message. I had to google milquetoast! I don’t think you are! My injuries don’t stop me doing anything, though as I’m ageing I’m feeling it a lot more if I over do it. So I take it easy and enjoy a slow pace. It’s about preserving my body for the future and not battering it. It was frustrating but necessary. I feel for you and your hip replacement. No fun at all though moving into a different physical space…yoga and stretching every morning now has made me feel my body and appreciate it much more, and it feels stronger as a result! I don’t know how we know each other!

  2. Hi, we are connected on FB but I am not sure how I know you. I’m Michael, and I’m very happy to meet you, as it were. I never use social media so I ran into your contact information by complete bumbling accident. But then I started to read it. I have to tell you, you really kick ass! (My be apologies for language).
    But I was blown away by what I was reading. Your courage and never quit attitude makes me feel like milquetoast. And I’m not milquetoast. Spent 20 years in the former Soviet Union on Nuclear Safety. Spent lots of time in Kazakhstan, Siberia, Khirgistan and so forth.
    Central Asia is beautiful and humbling but amazing. Never made it to Outer or Inner Mongolia but I will. Spent much of my life climbing: Rockies as I’m from the States, Pamirs, Caucuses, Himalayas, Andes, etc. Love ice climbing. In fact I just packed a bag two hours ago and decided to head north. Does your injury keep you from doing what you love to do still? I feel for you if so. I need a total hip replacement and cannot stand the fact that I can’t run, jump or carry real weight.
    Don’t mean to keep you just in thought I’d be real with someone on here and you are a true inspiration.
    Love to hear from you and figure out how I know you. Are you in London? Alastair Boyd?
    In any case, keep going girl. You’re doing great things.

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