the tragedy of being a People Pleaser
get to know yourself


people pleasing - the only person it hurts is you.

stop being a people pleaser

After coming into camp I had a brief altercation with one of my team mates. Taking to the rug, where Tariq tended the fire, as he did every night, I sat.

Slightly perplexed, slightly aggrieved at the accusation and misunderstanding thrown at me. I sighed loudly.

‘What is the matter Madam?’
‘People, Tariq.’

With that Tariq shared his wisdom. No judgment. No advice. Simply a story to be interpreted and pondered upon…

father, son and donkey

‘Father & son walk with their donkey to the first village. The father is riding the donkey and his son walks by their side. The villagers comment on their arrival, ‘you have no mercy on your son, not allowing him to ride, it’s a disgrace.’

The following morning his son took to the saddle and Father walked. Reaching the next settlement the villager’s were astounded, ‘You are shameless, what kind of a son are you making your father walk like that.’

Heading further, to another village, the father and son both walked. ‘How stupid you are for not utilising your donkey.’ The villagers commented.

Shrugging their shoulders they both rode the donkey into the final village, ‘how could you be so cruel to that poor old donkey.’


There’s no pleasing all people. Learning the hard way. I left that people pleaser in the desert. though she visits regularly.


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