the SAS Major that changed the course of my life
SAS Major


SAS Major

Once upon a time I did some modelling. The scarf I’m wearing is a souvenir from an SAS Major, it’s from Yemen. I thought I might marry this chap.

In a nutshell of hindsight, that was daft but then I was post 30 and of the marrying and child bearing age. After 18 months of togetherness, including me reigning my behaviour in and his intolerably caustic mother, he went to ground leaving me, for quite some time, with many questions to ponder about myself.

what will my legacy be?

In the same nutshell I came to the conclusion that a conventional lifestyle was not meant for me. Though not having children frightened me; I would leave no legacy. That’s when I decided to life model, I could remain within art. 

In that period of reflection I tested my moral compass and did things I wouldn’t normally do. It provided me with an alternative understanding, view and approach.

Whilst putting metal to my compass, I met someone who introduced me to this quote by Rumi, a 13th century Persian poet. ‘Beyond the ideas of right and wrong doing there is a field. I’ll meet you there.’ And that is where #meetmeinthefield comes from.

it didn’t last, but it was worth it

In a larger nutshell, I gained a huge amount from my time with the SAS Major.

He introduced me to my now favourite, and most inspirational book, The Phantom Major, about the founder of the SAS. In my opinion David Stirling left the most incredible legacy through his alternative approaches with a handful of misfits.

He showed me a tiny spearhead that he found in the Empty Quarter, which sowed a seed.

He took me to Oman and gave me an enduring flavour for this magical country, I was always fascinated by the Middle East.

And now these factors and more lead me to this expedition in Oman in winter 2018.

Visiting all the points of the compass, crossing mountain ranges, visiting battlefields, following coastlines, exploring the female side of this country and together with local girls walking the length of the Empty Quarter, a first for females. Maybe this will be my misfit legacy. #meetmeinthefield

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