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‘I was drawn to Janey’s strength of character: that vulnerability laid bare post accident and recovery. Here is one who’s self awareness of weaknesses and prejudices, trauma and opportunity, have led to adventure and questioning. Janey’s self effacing humour and raw honesty captivate audiences and give them freedom to ask their own questions’ 

Guy Harris, Chairman Toastmasters

‘Janey spoke eloquently of her travel to Oman, giving us a touching account of her personal journey, revealing the vulnerabilities many of us could share, especially women, but don’t tend to talk about. She made a journey that was so much more than physical, but that had its challenges that she had to overcome before embarking on this adventure.’

Francesca Jaggs, Chair Globetrotters Club

‘Super interesting, brutally honest in parts, funny and with what seems like an indefatigable quest for doing good and self discovery. Looking forward to the Oman film and to see what you are planning next.’

Matt Timblin, Human Rights Watch

Janey is an insightful, honest and uplifting speaker.  She draws content from opportunities derived from the adversities and successes she has encountered and created.

Testament to her resilience; recovering from a spinal injury and resultant loss of career and purpose motivated her to leading national and international expeditions. With the purpose of further understanding the human condition.

Living in the bright lights of Las Vegas as a child, sleepy rural France at the foothills of the Pyrenees, and currently her hometown London, she has scaled the globe and amassed a wealth of enriching cultural and personal experiences.

Janey’s professional background is eclectic; a lawyer, soldier, presenter, art dealer and business owner has provided her with a unique depth of knowledge and understanding of business, industry and people.

Not afraid to probe deeper into human emotions, test personal limits both physically and emotionally and encouraging audiences to do the same.

She delivers moving and inspiring speeches that all can relate to on a personal and professional level.

All topics developed in conjunction with clients needs.

Oman: Her Faces of Change 

Drawing from her experiences, Janey speaks candidly regarding the reasons and purpose for taking on this endeavour to walk 800kms through Oman’s Empty Quarter with a small team of Anglo-Omani women and men. She discusses the challenges in planning, the team dynamic and what she learnt about the human condition, how teams operate in extreme environments and leadership.

Who am I and what do I want to be? 

Janey talks frankly about her patriarchal upbringing; how she has utilised this to her advantage to understand and question who she is and where she fits as a result. Particularly in light of the women’s empowerment movement.

Do we understand each other?

Understanding yourself and your conditioning is the key to understanding relationships, both professionally and personally, and the importance of self awareness, interpretation and communication.

Adversity; my old friend

Most of her adult life has not gone to plan. Exploring adversity and the opportunity that can be drawn from personal and professional challenges is one of Janey’s specialities.

Challenging relationships 

We are human. We will all encounter relationships that challenge us, question our self belief and confidence. Janey has found the positive in these interactions and what can be learnt about ourselves and others during these encounters.

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