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Going beyond; vulnerability, ego and stereotypes

What people say

Every vulnerability and every weakness I had was exposed and magnified. My past haunted me. My ego was crushed and my confidence blasted. 

That’s what the desert did to me.  A month walking through the World’s largest sand desert, the Empty Quarter, with my team of Eastern and Western, men and women with the ultimate goal of leaving a legacy. 

It wasn’t culture, or gender differences. It was the demons in our own minds, our insecurities playing ping pong, our pasts, our conditioning, our parents. And it was all on camera for the World to see. 

Once that’s stripped away maybe then we really discover. 

I provoke thought, self reflection, and inspire change and understanding amongst individuals and community. 

Land Rover sponsored the expedition and produced this short for International Women’s day 2020.

The Feature documentary “Arrowhead” is released 2023 exploring deeper into our minds and our stories. 

three women in the empty quarter desert

My Specialties

Leadership & teambuilding

overcoming imposter syndrome

culture & diversity

naysayers, setbacks & adversity

solutions not problems