welsh 1000

welsh 1000 – injury comeback

An old flame asked me if I fancied the Welsh 1000. He won it the year before so was pretty fit. Always up for a challenge I agreed and roped my buddies in too.

I must stress though; there are two events.

  1. Five peaks finishing with Snowdon – Jim would do that.
  2. Two peaks finishing with Snowdon – my other injured army girls and I would do this.

I was regaining my strength from fracturing five vertebrae and having some substantial metalwork removed from my back. In addition I was suffering with the lack of cartilage in my ankle after an earlier attempt at being an amateur jump jockey.

Alex had terrible trouble with her feet, which turns out to be fixed after two operations five years later and Tor remains hanging on before having a couple of vertebrae fused.

My girlfriends and I were never going to make history that day but I think we might have broken a record. For being the slowest participants.

NB. It was disappointing to pick up so much litter on that summit to Snowdon. Please take your litter home with you.

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