About me

what about me? 

after breaking my back and losing my military career i was lost. my plan didn’t survive contact with the enemy (or rather the racehorse which I ended up under) with a lack of purpose, direction, belonging and with no idea what I wanted to do or who I wanted to be a mission evolved to find out. truth be told i’m still on it and there’s only one end date. 

i do believe we only ever make progress by talking, supporting, sharing ideas and experimenting with the right people. And by the right people i mean those that are free from judgement. that for me is an explorer. 

I’ve led a somewhat unconventional life, never content with staying still, as much as i like the idea of it and as much as I’ve tried it. those ‘things’ which society deem important, i didn’t, often making choices with my heart as opposed to my head has led to some magnificent adventures and remarkable stories. 

the choices I’ve made and the circumstances of my life have prompted much introspection and self examination. arguably too much.

 if you’d like to find out more please head over to my blog where i spill a lot of cold beans. and then there’s my obsession with photography and e-commerce. 

to help people 

  1. by utilising and sharing the knowledge and skills that I have in my armour. 
  2.  take a step forward to fulfil their dreams.

that everyone goes to sleep at night content that they are one small step closer to where they want to be. 

+ integrity 

+ humility

+ loyalty

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