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my late father told me that work wasn’t supposed to be fun that’s why it’s called work. that frightened the life out of me to be honest. sure work comes with the rough and the smooth, what doesn’t? some struggles are definitely worth it! but let’s at least try and enjoy ourselves while we do it! 

for me variety, attention to detail, and client satisfaction is the spice of life. 

we all need assurances these days – see what i do, who i’ve worked with and what they say.

website design & management

through my own websites and other peoples i have become a wordpress and woo commerce whizz.

it’s not just about the aesthetic. let’s bear in mind the purpose of your site, who you clients are, their  experience, ease of use and the speed of your site. 

websites evolve just the same as you and your business. let’s be sure to make the best choices at the beginning enabling us to be dynamic in our design and functionality in the present and into the future.

content creation

comfortable in front of , behind the camera and assisting.

film and photography for any project at any stage, with or without a team. From idea conception and story boarding to completion.  

no project too big.

project management

i have organised short and extended expeditions on both national and international soil working with global partners.

I have a strength in bringing people together from my extensive network and beyond and thrive on finding solutions to ensure expectations are met.  

who I've worked with

I’ve had the good fortune to work and collaborate with wonderful people, companies and their teams. 

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